Is your investment really safe?

Investment is a term that indubitable related with money. It may simply means putting money into something with the expectation of profit or gain over a period of time. It can also be understood as a form of saving or deferred consumption where the current wealth is ‘stored’ for future with the hope of value appreciations, interest or residual income.

However, anything that is related with money is always associated with temptations and greed. Investment is frequently confused as a form of speculations or gambling when greed and emotions overcame one’s rational judgment and common sense. Throughout the last decades, the investment environment has also evolved with more and more complex financial instruments. With the introductions of the derivatives in equity, foreign exchange, commodities and interest rates, the financial markets are becoming more like massive casinos.

The current financial markets are full of traders and speculators, their greed and speculations has caused the frequent hikes and price instability. In such complex and confusing investment environment, it’s getting more and more important for investors to seek for the fundamental principles that can keep them away from exposing to unnecessary risks and at the same time offers some form of safety to their investments. is here to fulfill these needs for more reliable investment principles and strategies.